International crew on the Playstation 5




Why did I join?

There was a time where I was looking to join a crew, more specifically a military one. Many of the ones I applied for painted a lovely picture of what their crew was, but in reality they were quite the opposite (very chaotic, toxic, tryhards, trouble makers). I never shared any beliefs with any of those crews, which is the reason why I left them. It was until I met JSOC. I got to witness in game the great service/security they provide. I was impressed by the level of organization and professionalism they showed. Everything JSOC believes in, I agree with. So therefore I joined, and to this date I don't regret it.
What do I do in JSOC?

I am a squad leader in one of the security divisions in JSOC (Bravo team). I have to ensure that every event we take part in, we secure it in a professional way. Moreover, I have to make sure that everyone in my team is on the same page, in order to avoid confusion. Aside from my main task, I also do other things such as helping my crew mates on anything they need and reaching out to other players or crews in the community to let them know about JSOC.

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