Why did I join?

I joined because I was looking for a Military Crew, which was serious and could get things done. Being Crew/Airforce leader in the past in my previous crews I knew I could make myself a valuable crew member in Joint Service. Once I signed up and got started in my first Bootcamp I quickly got used to the people there.

What does JSOC do?

In Joint Service we have different divisions based on one's personal choice. When I joined I knew what my Division would be, Airforce was my answer. Also we have a Ground based security team with experienced people doing their job perfectly and keeping our customers safe. 

What is your role?

My role in Joint Service as a Representative is being Bootcamp/Flight Instructor, I teach Bootcamp Members a lot of things depending on their Division. I mainly teach new Airforce members the basics of Flying cause that's what I do best. I always try to help newcomers and be active if possible.



Honestly I have never seen any crew like JSOC and when I met them, it was time to show them my abilities and improve my skills.

How does JSOC Work?

Well, at first I noticed they have a brotherhood agreement with each other, then order and observance of the rules and good behavior is their red line. I must say that working with them as a community and crew is great.

WHAT is your TASK in JSOC?

My first task is to help the Air Force leader on the display team and my second task is to also ensure that the rules and ethics are followed so that I can report them to the higher ranks if they are not obeyed. These are my two tasks and I intend to focus on them.

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