Challenges to become promoted

If you want to become promoted within the crew you have to succeed the following challenges. This way we see that you are standing open to put effort in our group and grow within the ranks! 


 The challenges are here to teach you things so you become more valuable for the crew. If you succeed the challenge it does not mean you STOP. It means you have the ability and skills to be the rank within 

JSOC Joint Service.

Boot Camp to muscle

  1. Know the rules with 80% succes rate
  2. Know the basic formations
  3. Finished four times of boot camp without leaving.
  4. Facilitates to join an event with other JSOC members to have fun.

Muscle to rep

  1. Take squad lead in a spec ops mission
  2. Recruit two new people for JSBC and join into JSOC.
  3. Get responsibility within your own division and preach responsibility for a month.
  4. Finished higher rank training
  5. Hosts crew related events like investment, spec ops missions (next to boot camp training day)

Rep to lieutenant

  1. Hosts his own boot camp training
  2. Build his own squad within the crew an takes responsibility to train them by the crew culture.
  3. Within his squad he trains a muscle to become rep
  4. Recruits minimum 4 people for JSBC.
  5. Hosts team related meet-ups next to boot camp ( 2 reps + 6 muscles) like investment, spec ops missions and so on.

Commissioner challenges