International crew on the Playstation 5

Pegassi lamborghini

The CEO of Pegassi Lamborghini Mr. Brooklyn @gtaj_brooklyn and Co Founder Vangeezo @vangeezo Has been making some Powerhouse Moves!

Having only opened the Los Santos Vinewood Flagship Showcase two months ago the page has gained over 600 followers and is now boasting a considerable following of over 1,000! Having showcased the beautiful Pegassi Toros Demon Series before the fight at GTA Gold Entertainment's @gtagoldent MGM Grand Arena, started the sales after the win of #teamdiablo👹 champion @rr.jefeIn partnership with the Rollin Riches @therollinriches would it be safe to say @pegassi__lamborghini is on the path to becoming the community to go for the latest trending Pegassi models from here on out?

Fun Fact -

Did you know that the CEO of Pegassi Lamborghini met with the Co founder only a few months after enlisting in JSOC @joint.service. It's safe to say that Pegassi Lamborghini has the community's best interest at heart.