Pegassi lamborghini

The CEO of Pegassi Lamborghini Mr. Brooklyn @gtaj_brooklyn and Co Founder Vangeezo @vangeezo Has been making some Powerhouse Moves!

Having only opened the Los Santos Vinewood Flagship Showcase two months ago the page has gained over 600 followers and is well on its way to 1000 followers by the end of the month of August.Having relived the Pegassi Toros Demon Series before the fight at GTA Golds @gtagoldent MGM Grand Arena and started the sales after the win of #teamdiablo👹 champion @rr.jefeIn partnership with the Rollin Riches @therollinriches is it safe to say @pegassi__lamborghini is on the path to becoming the place to go for the latest trending Pegassi models from here on out?

Fun Fact -

Did you know that the CEO of Pegassi Lamborghini met with the Co founder only a few months after enlisting in JSOC @joint.service. It's safe to say that Pegassi Lamborghini has the community's best interest at heart.