Mansory Cars Crew is a team of cars that are inspired by real life, from the "CLEAN" and "STANCE" cultures. Our team is present on all platforms (Xbox ONE, PS4 and PC), soon on the new console

The team arrived at GTA V Online in 2014 with a group of Brazilian friends on Xbox 360, but it was not yet known as "Mansory". The name came from the new generation, Xbox ONE, where the team established itself in the Social Club and gradually grew, in 2020 we reached all platforms and made great achievements on social networks.

On PS4 the team has been potentially growing, with an average of 5 weekly meetings and starting tests for events that serve the public in Europe / Asia / Africa.

To be recruited, contact the team on social media, you just need to be a real life car lover and have our customization style in the game.

This is Mansory!