Why did I Join JSOC ?

I was looking for a military crew that was more in my time zone. I came on joint service Instagram page and I saw content that I liked. Then I saw that his gamertag was dutch and so I thought he was from the same county and that would be in the same time zone as me so I  send him a DM. And that is my story how I got in to JSOC but first was bootcamp.

What do I do in JSOC

In JSOC I am a content creator and content consultant. My  content can be in the form of photos and videos. For photos I make them first in rockstar editor and after that I can edit them in photoshop or lightroom. For videos I use rockstar editor afterwards I will use premier pro or Imovie. Other thing I can do is make banner for YouTube or thumbnails. Also I am showing JSOC members how to use photoshop and  show steps  by step to the person so they are able to create their own content with the tools.  After all I create logos such as merchandise and other projects in the crew. The tool which I use for this is illustrator. so far I made the logo of JSOC GHOST. And the logo with plane and person. 



Why did I join?

I got to know the crew when I was searching for a new crew with a fixed set of rules and challenges, I'm the person that likes to get things accomplished as good as possible, sometimes I'm referred to as being very ambitious and even perfectionist I some cases. Whilst being in my last crew I happened to meet with JSOC and we had a meetup where I got to know the crew and afterward, I joined. So thereby I found what I was searching for in JSOC. 

What do I do in JSOC?

My task is being second in command in the Airforce as well as being the main instructor. In the past, I was a leader in many crew before joining JSOC so I knew what to expect when it became relevant for me to lead a large group of pilots, which I know how to do easily. In our airforce, I specialize in everything involving fighter aircraft as I was dogfighting professionally in the past so I'm an expert in that field. Aurebandit leads everything else involving the air force. As well as being active in the Airforce I'm also confident in other fields, but the Airforce was always my preferred choice.

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