International crew on the Playstation 5


JSOC Joint Service, Why did I start this crew?

The journey of Joint Service started in Brazil in 2016. I had been working on event organization which was supporting the Facebook Live and Instagram program related to the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Working in this event taught me a lot about work style. See in the Netherlands, we don't care who you are and where you are from, we care about what you can deliver us and how quickly you can bring money to the table, whereas the workstyle in Brazil was driven by emotions. There is a connection based in the team and you can rely on emotional support whilst working together. After experiencing both of these methods of work style, I was interested in learning more about why we differ and how these two can be combined to work as one harmonious ideal.

After reading about human behaviour, psychology, leadership, cultural differences, corporate communal development and researching depression and its relativity in western countries. Ironically, I ended up back in Brazil. Not in the literal sense but I found myself looking towards the same behaviour I'd experienced with the Brazilian people in 2016.

Western Countries, economically and figuratively speaking are the more ideal part of the world to live in, yet people are not satisfied. There is often an emotional disconnect between people in their everyday lives which makes them feel unfulfilled in a certain way, in comparison to the Brazilians; who quite often, don't have the best economical of financial situation yet they are driven by compassion and companionship. The culmination of these two ideals and structures created JSOC as it is today. GTA: Online was the perfect way to mix these two ideals together so I decided to log in to Rockstar Social Club and Joint Service was created.

Since January 2019 I have dedicated my time into growing and improving Joint service daily, with a lot of behind the scenes work, reading and working with the group of guys and ladies that have come into Joint Service to keep the crew moving forward. Effort is always being put in to help communication between the team and helping each other grow, individually and as a team. Joint Service is constantly growing and expanding, with new members all adding their own touch and at the same time helping the group grow into a family that breaks cultural barriers and crosses time zones.

I take great pride in the family that has been built through this crew, although people leave sometimes and chose to take a different path, I know deep inside my heart that they enjoyed each aspect of the crew and they have had an unforgettable experience.

Joint Service are here to improve the current GTA V community by showing another way of enjoying the extensive possibilities of GTAV Online. We support and work together to become stronger! We challenge each other to become a better version of ourselves and expand our mindset!