Who is 'Dutch' of the Joint Services Crew?


Dutch is a leader, friend, and brother. He always helps his friends and fellow brothers and sisters in arms, anytime he can. He is a great strategist and mastermind and knows what needs to be done in order for success to happen. He is the type who will always try to find a solution to things rather than create problems. He is a brilliant guy for sure and he runs a great crew called Joint Services Operations Command (JSOC). He has to run the crew with the best intentions and always does what is best for the crew, no matter what. 


"Dutch is a perfect leader of the crew and he's one of the most realistic people that I have ever met and I like that type of people"

JSOC is like family and family comes first. He has two amazing right / left hand guys, Gunman and Aurebandit. These guys are the commissioners of JSOC and are both responsible for different things. Dutch is responsible for everything which means he has to work harder than everyone else and his hard work and dedication is a great influence towards his members, including me. We take on his influence and it helps us become greater and more skilled. And when that happens, it creates a flow that would be productive and will spread a good feeling throughout life and players within the video games JSOC operates in. 


"He is a good leader and a good friend, he motivates people to keep going and without him he would not have gotten people successful in the youtube business."

We dedicate our time in training and helping other players from the evils or bad ones, out there in the world. Dutch does not hesitate to put a stop to a problem. He is a human like all of us who would still get angry or emotional, but he is trained to control himself and do what he has to do for the best interest of the crew. I respect the heck out of him and I look forward to helping him and JSOC itself rise. I am looking into an imaginative future and I see Dutch standing before 100s that would fight alongside him and charge forward towards greatness. That's just my opinion of the man.


"What I think of Dutch is that he is a good leader for JSOC, but he can be a bit idk how to say, but a bit over reactive."


''Dutch is a good friend and a suitable reliable leader. I have been in the crew for 1 year now and have seen a few things.''


"He's a good friend and leader. He supports me in hard times and bad days and helps bring me to top and helps me to improve in my life and in jsoc.''


"He's a good friend and a good leader"

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