Boot Camp training


What is JSBC and Boot Camp training?

Jsoc is a great crew that looks to take very special and highly qualified individuals and seek to place them in training situations to maximize their knowledge and skills for later on missions and jobs. JSBC (JSOC Boot Camp) is the crew where people join and train after submitting an application through the website and getting accepted by the leader aka Dutch. He looks for quality in people and seeks people that are truly good, basically like the Jedi in Star Wars, lol. The idea is of the way Grand Theft Auto world is like, is pretty much like the Sith in Star Wars as the bad guys which resembles GTA's tryhards and griefers. JSOC (Joint Services Operational Command) is basically the Jedi as the good guys that are elite. While the people that are in between would just be the ordinary and have a large variety of possible futures that are either good or bad. That's just an example of my point that JSOC seeks special people whose skills are too great to be used for evil or waste. We value order, peace, righteous, and greatness within the world and we operate to make sure it is being maintained. That means to defeat all the bad people within the world of gaming and make sure they pay for their crimes with swift and brutal justice. But, in order to maximize our values and skills to conquer the evils out there, we must go through boot camp and train to become better and more equipped with skills to prevail. We are always growing in power and it all starts with JSBC. JSOC is a special forces crew and we are elite in all fields of combat and we always keep on training to improve our status. We train to succeed in any form of situations, such as capture missions, suppressing bad players in games, rescue missions, team deathmatches, jobs, security detail, etc. Without JSBC, we would not be able to separate the two groups of people. The first group would be the ones that are highly trained, experienced, and ready to fight. The second group would be the ones who are inexperienced, not fully trained, and not ready to fight efficiently. Obviously the first group would be JSOC and the second group is JSBC. That is the reason JSBC exists. 

Wanna Join boot Camp training?

I am going to explain what we do at bootcamp events/training for those who want to join or that are going to join. We do training every Saturday 10 am US EST. time or 3pm UK time on GTA Online. If you are going to be late, that's ok since it's better to participate with whatever is left rather than just watching the livestream and ignoring it. When you show up, you are supposed to make sure you have your outfit in perfect detail before outfit check during lineups. Lineups will be at Sandy Shores Airfield in San Andreas. If someone gets outfit wrong, that's laps around the airfield for the amount of mistakes with the outfits and guns as well. Guns must be standard issue color (grey) or black. This is so we train to not make mistakes and the outfits and gun policy is simple. Afterwards, it's the load up onto the titans and we will be jumping off the coast of Los Santos and we swim and than run once we land all the way to a checkpoint. It's a long swim and run and it is to test your determination and dedication towards joining JSOC. After checkpoint is reached, we drive to the airfield and we do numerous formations that will come in handy. Sometimes we do skydiving. Sometimes we do capture missions. The point of the sometimes i previously stated, is that not every bootcamp is going to be the same. That trains us to be flexible in different ways of doing things and helps us adapt to situations faster. There is also Special Forces Training and Airforce Training while bootcamp is being run by an Instructor whos the most trained person. Once a person has proven themselves ready and properly trained, it will be up to Dutch aka JSOC Leader and some fellow officers if you are ready to move up.

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10 tips

 10 tips to pass JSOC Boot Camp

Tip 1: 

ask a JSOC member or officer if your outfit is good before bootcamp. 

Tip 2: 

show up earlier so you would have a better time to get ready for bootcamp.

Tip 3: 

follow all orders given by your superiors or you will have a hard time graduating to JSOC. 

Tip 4: 

refrain yourself from making these mistakes such as crashing, killing a fellow member, unless permitted, and distractions that cause AFK(Away From Keyboard, which means you are not present at the moment) and accidents.

Tip 5: 

do your best no matter what and always try to impress your leaders in any way you can through communication and skills. 

Tip 6: 

do the formations properly and try not to screw it up, especially on missions. 

Tip 7: 

if you are using a mic, do not be a blabber mouth, no one likes a blabber mouth and talk in a mature manner. 

Tip 8: 

always be cautious of your surroundings and always report to a higher up if you see a member breaking a rule, rule breakers are not tolerated and a serious rule is no jumping during the run and no 1st person view while swimming(1st person view basically makes you run and swim faster). 

Tip 9: 

when skydiving or dropping of an aircraft with your fellow teammates, land close to them or else you would be considered a liability if you do it often. Anything you do that slows down the rest of your squad is just a bad look upon yourself and the team as a whole. 

Tip 10:  

most important tip I could give is pretty much like this, follow the rules, ask questions/for help if needed, and have fun!

That's what I have to tell you all about JSOC Boot Camp. It is a fun and educational event that helps our members improve and excel for the future. It is a privilege to be a part of JSBC and JSOC. Here are what others have said regarding their bootcamp experience. Will use their IG names before I state what they said.


 "Bootcamp is a good start of being apart of a full tag member in JSOC because they can learn the strategies that we all have and use them if they have been in a situation, but the whole idea of bootcamp is going really well, still some things that need to be improved, but all of them bootcamps are doing great.

joint.service aka Dutch 

"Bootcamp is an efficient tool to train people and find the correct people for the jsoc crew".


"Boot Camp is a great way for all the other members to actually get to know the members that are joining, so I agree that we should keep doing it until we get our set of 50 people"


"It is fun, long, and lots of running"


 "It's fun but it's really long and it's boring." 


"JSBC boot camp is fun and good. It helps my communication skills and also helps me be more comfortable with bonding. #JSOC4LIFE"


 "I love the bootcamp and sharing time with other members, but I think 1 training per week is not enough."


"It's thorough, it's a more enjoyable way to play gta. You have people that go through a trial of dedication and trust in order to be a part of the team. This makes me rely more on it's members."

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