JSOC Security 

JSOC Security 

JSOC Security can provide security services for car meets, private meetings or other kind of events/meetings in GTA Online.

JSOC Security are also a private Security team. If you do not feel safe in an open meeting with other crews/players, you may hire JSOC Security as private bodyguards undercover or exposed tight security, our VIP's safety, security and comfortability are our only priorities in GTA online!

We stand by as a security team against unruly behavior. Such as slander, condemnation and uncivilized manners such as: cargo griefers, low rank griefers, and/or the needless killings of bystanders.

How to hire JSOC security in gta online?

Feel free to reach out to us in instagram ! @joint.service or towards the security leader @JSOC_oeff 

Wanna join JSOC Security?