JSOC Rules

JSOC Crew Rules:

  1. We defend and support the JSOC community.
  2. We respect private life and members should keep this their main priority.
  3. We do not kill our own family members without consent. With consent the players go into a TDM.
  4. We do not kill people on purpose. If you're killed in a lobby you should practice the push and pull strategy.
  5. Wear the uniform which is required at your rank and in your division. 
  6. We wear our crew uniform (confirming your rank) when we are with other crew members. 
  7. We create content based on 80% JSOC (military) and 20% (optional). Tryhard content is not allowed.
  8. We only sell businesses which have more than 4 bars full   
  9.  Crew tag swap means direct kick

JSOC Values:

-This For That:
The this for that value within JSOC helps promote teamwork and will also ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their goals within the crew. If a member helps you sell or defends you, you should offer them this back in return.

-No Condemnation

We do not condemn or promote hate towards others. It is simply easier to let them be. You should focus on the JSOC GTA Online community. If someone is causing continual concern approach a higher rank, but if they are just being spiteful, leave them be and they will move on.

Alright you are ready! Click below for the Boot Camp training details