Commissioner Oeff



Why did I join JSOC?

I joined JSOC because I was searching for military crew and I personally wanted so much to join an airforce. After finding Joint Service I realised that this was the place I wanted to be.

Do I enjoy being part of JSOC?

Yes i do because when I joined the crew I had the perception that i would just join the crew and there would be no way to progress. However, I quickly learned that with guidance from fellow members, I could learn a lot about the game and even learn a lot about life from the people in the crew.

What do I do in the crew?

As Lieutenant I was given the opportunity to help and co-run security with Dutch. After feeling like i had accomplished what I had set out to do in the airforce I decided that this would be a welcome change and Dutch put me in charge of reaching out and taking bookings for the security team. I also have recently started to use the Rockstar Creator tool to make Special Operations missions for the crew. 

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