International crew on the Playstation 5

Commissioner L3x



Why did I join JSOC?

I got to know the crew when I was searching for a new crew with a fixed set of rules and challenges, I'm the person that likes to get things accomplished as well as possible, sometimes I'm referred to as being very ambitious and even perfectionist I some cases. Whilst being in my last crew I happened to meet with JSOC and we had a meetup where I got to know the crew and afterward, I joined. So thereby I found what I was searching for in JSOC.

Do I enjoy being part of JSOC?

Yes I do, when I first started I couldn't do much, but now as leader of the Air Force, I can continue the well-being of the division and the crew as a whole. I can envision the success of the crew and plan how to get things done.

What do I do in JSOC?

My task is being Air Force Leader as well as being the main instructor. In the past, I was a leader in many crew before joining JSOC so I knew what to expect when it became relevant for me to lead a large group of pilots.

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