Commissioner challenges

Challenges: Film & Content division 

  1. The Film & Content division will create content 'reels' 'trailers' 'photos' as the main goal to trigger people to join the crew and or our events. Hereby is the challenge to increase the click rate of each video.
  2. The Film & Content division supports the people who create posters for their meets ( challenge). This counts only for people who put in the effort to grow in ranks. The main objective is to teach them to improve their content so they can do it by themselves. Hereby is the challenge to increase the poster quality of the members.
  3. The Film & Content division creates trailers based on a script which is requested by the other division leaders. Hereby they have to host an event and plan a filming date with the division leader to shoot the content. Hereby is the challenge to produce better trailers in a shorter period of time.

Challenges: Security & Air force 

  1. Takes lead over 1 lieutenants which each have two reps. Division of 10 people. ( can increase within time)
  2. He makes sure that 80% of his division is present in Boot Camp training
  3. He makes sure that the members know the rules with an 80% success rate.
  4. He looks for abilities to innovate his own division to bring more value for the crew and community. ( Security looks for more jobs and air force looks for value increase within events, training and security)
  5. He put the lieutenants and reps to work to improve their own position to sustain the division and crew.
  6. He looks proactive for new members or marketing tools to promote and expand the crew.

Challenges: Event division 

  1. He looks for new event managers to connect them with the JSECommunity. 
  2. He looks for new opportunities to attract new guests and or entertainment for the JSEC events.
  3. He connects the security with the new event managers so they can work together.
  4. He supports the new JSOC members (challenges) by training them to deliver good events. Hereby give also advice on how to show-case the events for security, how to create event posters and how to brand the event so people will join their meets.
  5. He will host events although his main priority is to find new event managers and expand & sustain the JSECommunity so it will grow over time.