International crew on the Playstation 5

Commissioner Aurebandit



I joined JSOC the first day when Dutch created JSOC Joint Service.(I am the oldest member haha). why I joined JSOC that's a good question: first, it was for fun but I realized quickly, It was way more than that. I made friends, we did training together and I was loving it. Now if you ask me that question today I will answer that I was searching for discipline, family feeling, active members, and of course a nice leader that is determined to make his crew great. In JSOC my career had grown rapidly. I have started as a muscle and ended up as a commissioner. How did I become commissioner? Easy I worked for it and I deserved it. (give everything, do everything what you say and listen) I did my career in the air force as an instructor for the pilots that means learn them communication, synchronization, fast landing... and more but for that, you have to join JSOC (JSOC secret).

JSOC will allow you to use your skills and learn more skills from the other members. Thereby you have to follow the rules. Those rules are designed to improve the crew and create honor, loyalty and the most important one! The family feeling.

JSOC has several divisions such as the air force. When you join the AIRFORCE. You will join my squad!! We will train together such as formations, combat, and  deliver air support to the ground troops.

When you sign up you will experience first JSOC BOOTCAMP training. You will be trained to maximize your effort towards discipline and loyalty. Side note! It is relevant to show your effort and skills!

Thereby we have a SECURITY division. This division is orientated to secure each event, hereby we use sniper support, buzzard drop-offs and of course your combat skills can become handy. We secure many events from JSOC partners, creative GTA event managers or content creators.

I explained my role in JSOC above and yes, I am the Airforce leader. My task is to lead the different air force sections in JSOC (the security one, Bootcamp, and the normal air squad for protection and support). I teach the members the rules, how to fly without crashing off course haha, air stunts, airstrikes and much more!

It would be awesome to see you soon in JSOC!!!

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